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This print will forever live rent free in my brain!

I made this print for an art installment and I loved it so much I'm pretty much going to make numerous things out of it, so be prepared.

Really oversized so can be worn as a T-shirt or a dress, yes its unisex and so unbelieavbly vibrant you won't be disapointed. Completely hand made and designed in Australia.


Please note that every shirt is completely unique with print placement so will be slightly different from the photos. This makes every piece different and I like it that way.


I hand make these to order so please allow a few business days for shipping.


100% Designed, Printed + Made in Australia.



    Height: 72cm

    Chest: 54cm

    Sleeve Length: 28cm


    Height: 74cm

    Chest: 56cm

    Sleeve Length: 29cm


    Height: 76cm

    Chest: 60cm

    Sleeve Length: 30cm

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