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EWOL exists at the periphery of normality. Where male and female overlap to create an ‘other’.

Atypical in its use of material, it’s references, its inspirations – EWOL blurs the boundaries of streetwear and high fashion to create wearable art worn by risk-takers, those who relish stares and double takes.

Drawing inspiration from the juxtaposition of conflicting ideas –  conviction & humour; masculinity & femininity – EWOL is for individuals who identify with EWOL’s movement against the norm, for those who embrace rebellion and eccentricity every day.

Currently every piece is designed, created and constructed by me unless noted that it's embroidered in India. (Which I have visited and is ethical and down right incredible with their craftsmanship)

My designs are basically couture in most cases and take so much time and care (love, sweat blood and tears) so if you are wondering why the prices are the way they are then this is why. If you want to know more about my process then please contact me directly.

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